Champions at Work!
Minnesota Association of SkillsUSA



Revised January 2005


The official name of this organization shall be the Minnesota Association of SkillsUSA, which may be abbreviated SkillsUSA Minnesota, College/Post Secondary Division.


The purposes of this Association are:

    - To unite in a common bond without regard to race, creed, or national origin, students enrolled in classes with vocational trade, industrial, technical and health occupational objectives.

    - To provide leadership for the local chapters.

    - To provide a clearinghouse for information and activities.

    - To provide recognition and prestige through an association of local chapters.

    - To develop leadership abilities through participation in education, vocational, civic, recreational, and social activities.

    - To foster a deep respect for the dignity of work.

    - To assist students in establishing realistic vocational goals.

    - To help students attain a purposeful life.

    - To create enthusiasm for learning.

    - To promote high standards in all phases of occupational endeavor, including: ethics, workmanship, scholarship, and safety.

    - To develop the ability of students to plan together, organize, and carry out worthy activities and projects through the use of the democratic process.

    - To foster a wholesome understanding of the functions of labor and management organizations and a recognition of their mutual interdependence.

    - To create among students, faculty members, patrons of the school, and persons in industry, a sincere interest in and esteem for trade, industrial, technical, and health occupations education.

    - To develop patriotism through a knowledge of our Nation's heritage and the practice of democracy.

    - To emphasize the importance of continuous education consistent with the needs of the individual and the requirements of his/her chosen occupation.


Section 1. The Minnesota Association of the SkillsUSA, College/Post-Secondary Division, is an Association of local chapters of the State of Minnesota operating in accordance with a charter granted by the National SkillsUSA.

Section 2. The administration of Minnesota SkillsUSA, College/Post-Secondary Division, shall be vested in the Board of Directors of Minnesota SkillsUSA, Inc.

Section 3. The Executive Council of Minnesota SkillsUSA, College/Post-Secondary Division shall be composed of the elected state officers. The Executive Council shall meet upon the direction of the Executive Board to plan and preside at State Meetings and other SkillsUSA Minnesota activities.

Section 4. The State Executive Director is the administrator of the State Headquarters. The Director shall be hired by and will be responsible to the Executive Board for conducting the work of the State program.

Section 5. Charters shall be issued to local chapters by the Executive Council of the Minnesota Association of SkillsUSA.

Section 6. A Corporate Board composed of leaders from Education, Management, and Labor Unions may be appointed to provide counsel, advice, and assistance to SkillsUSA Minnesota in carrying out its function.


Section 1. Membership of the Minnesota Association of SkillsUSA, College/Post-Secondary Division, shall consist of the total eligible members of the chartered local chapters, and members shall hold the same membership status as in their respective local chapter.

Section 2. All members of SkillsUSA Minnesota must be members of the National Organization to qualify for a charter.

Section 3. Each local chapter shall be open for membership to all eligible students regardless of race, sex, religion, creed, or national origin.

Section 4. Classes of membership which will be recognized by the Minnesota Association of SkillsUSA, College/Post-Secondary Division, are:

Active Membership: Students enrolled in a coherent sequence of courses or career major that prepares the student for further education and / or employment related to technology, the health industry, trades or industry and is earning credit toward a diploma / certificate or its equivalent.

Professional Membership: Persons associated with or participating in the professional development of SkillsUSA who pay dues as established by SkillsUSA, will be recognized as professional members.

Alumni Membership: Former active members who are no longer enrolled vocational – technical education. Alumni members will have all rights and privileges of Active membership, except: (a) the right to vote; (b) the right to hold elective offices in the College/Post-Secondary Division; and (c) the right to participate in SkillsUSA contests. Alumni members will organize and elect their own officers and develop their program for participation in the SkillsUSA programs and activities.

Honorary Life Membership: Individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of SkillsUSA and vocational trade, industrial, technical, and health occupations education whose membership has been approved by the National Executive Council upon the recommendation of SkillsUSA Minnesota. Such membership shall not require payment of dues.

Section 5. A membership year shall be from September 1 through August 31, inclusive.


Section 1. The active SkillsUSA member shall exercise their franchise through Voting Delegates at State and National meetings.

Section 2. Each chapter shall elect delegates who shall be considered Voting Delegates at the State Delegate Assembly and other regional and state conferences. The number of delegates shall be determined as provided by the by-laws.

Section 3. The number of Voting Delegates for the National Leadership Conference shall be variable with the directives of the National Constitution.


Section 1. A State Delegate Assembly Conference shall be held each year, and this shall serve as the official annual meeting of the SkillsUSA Minnesota, College/Post-Secondary Division.

Section 2. The State Executive Council, with the approval of the Executive Board, shall be empowered to call special meetings.


Section 1. The officers of the Minnesota Association of SkillsUSA, College/Post-Secondary Division, shall be the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, Reporter and Historian.

Section 2. These officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the voting delegates at the annual State Delegate Assembly Conference.

Section 3. Officers shall serve for a term of one year.


Section 1. State Dues shall be determined by the Executive Board for the school year which follows and shall be payable by a prescribed time as determined by the State Executive Director. Dues will be sent to the National Association of SkillsUSA and they will forward the appropriate state dues to the state director.

Section 2. The State Director shall report on or before December 1 of each school year, as to which chapters have paid their Membership Dues in full. These chapters shall be designated as Chapters in Good Standing.


The emblem of the Minnesota Association of SkillsUSA, College/Post-Secondary Division, and its colors shall be the same as those adopted by National SkillsUSA.


The accounts of the State Director shall be audited each year by an appointee of the Executive Board.


Section 1. To amend this Constitution, the proposed amendment must be presented by a local chapter through one of its Voting Delegates to the Constitution by-laws Committee. This committee has the right to correct the proposed amendment, but must not alter its purpose. The committee chairman will present the amendment to the voting delegates for consideration. The amendment will then be presented at the next State Conference to the Voting Delegates who may adopt the amendment by a two-thirds majority of the Voting Delegates, a quorum being present.

Section 2. Only such amendments shall be made as are in keeping with the purposes stated in Article II of this Constitution.


Section 1. Such rules, regulations, and by-laws as are deemed necessary for the proper conduct of this organization shall be adopted.

Section 2. No rules, regulations, or by-laws shall be adopted which are contrary to this Constitution.

Section 3. In all meetings, Robert's Rules of Order, (Latest Version) shall serve as standard procedure.