Champions at Work!

2020 Information Coming Soon!

This year’s State Leadership and Skills Conference (SLSC) will be held April 3-5th in Bloomington, MN. Registration will open the first week of January.

In the spring of each year, approximately 350 business and industry leaders get together and present nearly 70 skill and leadership contests that they have prepared for the student members from across the state.  These are entry-level, hands-on skill contests, evaluated by the same industry leaders who prepare them.  The competitions are based on industry driven occupational skill standards.  Industry donates many thousands of dollars in prizes in the form of scholarships, tools, reference manuals and training aids for winners and their schools.  Business partners work throughout the school year to plan the competitive events and many of them hire their new employees right off the competition floor.  First place winners from each division in most contests will be offered the opportunity to go on to a national level competition.