Champions at Work!

SkillsUSA’s National Leadership and Skills Conference (NLSC) was held June 19-23, 2023, in Atlanta, Georgia with more than 16,000 total attendees made up of career and technical education students, educators, and business and industry partners. NLSC also included a SkillsUSA TECHSPO with over 200 exhibitors from industry and education making it the largest in the nation. 

SkillsUSA-MN NLSC 2023 Press Release

During NLSC students from all 50 states and US territories were able to showcase their career and technical skills in the SkillsUSA Championships featuring 110 different trade, technical, and leadership career competition events. Competitors earned the right to represent their state by placing as a medalist in state level contests that set the stage for NLSC.

NLSC will continue to be held in Atlanta, GA for the next few years, and is scheduled for June 24-28, 2024. Additional information on NLSC can be found on the SkillsUSA website.

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This year, SkillUSA Minnesota had 66 students represent our state in a variety of SkillsUSA Championship contests. 2023 was the second year NLSC was held as a live event since 2019, and many students’ first ever NLSC experience. Even with it being some students’ first time at NLSC, Minnesota students were able to bring home 12 medalists including 1 Gold medal, 7 Silver medals, and 4 Bronze medals! Along with medalist winners, Minnesota also had 03 students finish in the Top Ten of their contest, as well as 24 students receiving a Skills Point Certificate which are provided to students who meet the benchmark score set by the National Technical Committee. Congratulations to all participants!

Contestants and advisors can view their Detailed Scores using their contestant number, and date of birth. 

NLSC also presented an opportunity for students to participate in a Day of Community Service where nearly 400 students teamed up to assemble bicycles for Atlanta’s youth.

Bicycles assembled for youth

SkillsUSA-MN NLSC 2023 Press Release

Who’s Who in the SkillsUSA Minnesota Delegation

NLSC 2023 MN Medalists, Top Ten Finishers, and Skill Point Certificate Recipients

PLEASE NOTE:  To see a list of medalist winners from the National conference, go to and select "Medalist list."  You can see the winners by contest, state, or full listing.